Sunday, June 20, 2010

Best off ruling out extra ideas.

I can think that when I'm told too concentrate i ususually think of one answer when I start to leave out other superfulous ideas. Can our mind be smarter by knowing the most information or just the the imporatant parts. The part of my memory is funny. I know that it reacts to interesting or funny occurances so lucky me. one thing at a time is basically the way we want to travel right?
Its for you to play that it might be just up to your senses and that is the way eveything else comes out.
What connects our brain with previous events must be there why we percieve them. Stronger stimulus for different ways our personality behaves.
Diseases have been linked in the mind and body that sytems are overwhelmed by one that takes over the freedom of the other connections.
so maybe just maybe when can unstress this way.
I did this program in even my fitness and routine and lost 70 pounds now walk 3 miles a day.
It is good to I Ihave found practice stress management every day to control about obstinate health problems.
Then can this keep us from contacting a cold well maybe not but it may help fight it off.
I wouldn't believe everything I'm told how the brain works. So most times it should appear that it should just make sense.