Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What's your story?

That's what my dad asked me one time I got in trouble and I thought he was funny. Could it really have happened or was some force with me. But to no travail my schemes are fir. The price of fame or the piece of who. You Know. When I heard it takes money to make money what turned out was the Dallas Superdome. The HMO's are what-have you ever heard of them.
This is my knowledge of high school business class. Don't talk in front of the kids. I,m 50 y/o and work as a greeter at Meijer food store with an easy job and energetically enthused with fire your boss on Messenger.
Where are all the crunching numbers coming from is my best guess time is money. Hold your horses achiever. The only way I can see an income level suitable for a comfortable living starting out is from the boss at a family business or being lucky enough to have the money to start your own.
That is good sense with me to look into new business opportunities on the internet or businesses for young starters who don't have beginning qualifications and use of today's classroom skills. They might lack in depth skills but they can do the understand the basics of programming.
I,m not saying you have to be a Microsoft IT; you should know computer programming and internet basics. With a little patience at finding the right products, and knowing whats out their you have still a chance to become a super successful sales and advertising marketer. I subscribed recently to an ad on pre-selling your product i.e. I compare the ads as you stock the shelves just as full as they will if you can draw the traffic which is what the computer will do automatically if you "ask" it.
My new nickname for my website is Million Dollar Network. I have not lofty visiting prices or time straining sign ups just programs that keep my guests coming back.
I thought this might catch some attention-Do to the web as you would have done to you.