Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Do you have ham and fish? Where are the restaurant chains? Do not eat to many calories for supper. Rule number one.
Yes my eyes are bigger than the little sing on the Mc!Donalds sign.
One time I made my brother a plate of bacon and eggs at 4:30 Sunday morning and did'nt get any I still recall that.
What's on your mind before supper? I guess Don't fake a smile.
Their should be away to be from being persnickity. I don't like to eat the same as everybody neither do you-foolin.
Now how is that problem with your eyes being bigger than you stomach?
I am a doctor of sorts.
If you are a well wisher.
That's it.
I should try kidding myself.
I am forgiving I remember the no boundaries chicken dinner.
I don't have any problems with manners just conversation. Is that good or to my own default. I need to stay off inventing new ways to eat.

little fish make bigger fish

This is an interpretation of the dilema faced in businesses that face the same question when asked if they are employed by themseleves. The technical answer is hire an accountant. If you are clever enough its you. Don't tell the IRS your problems. When every first starter becomes eligible for employment he might think of going and getting a part time job dissillusioned and not resourcing to be more lucrative and start his own business or corporation for themselves.
I have'nt found all the grant or start up funding on my own but still searching on my website.
If had this start up salary I would include my expenses only I am spend thrift im my purchases to spend a little here and a little there and buy only the bare necessities.
Should I have to work two jobs and the time clock to keep running?
Probably so.
I meen that they would not save the boss on running time.
Then I have'nt been aspired to "begin" a business in terms of funding outside of my own investments.
Hello big brother.
Nothing is free.
That web site is adultered
Consolidating my efforts is what I shall continue to attract with frustrations.